Sales Management & Commercial Leadership Roles

It's the quality of commercial and sales management that is driving sales and revenue in growth firms. In particular, the person in charge of individual seller performance determines how steadily and fast a company grows. This is premium talent in today's commercial world.

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Senior Sales & Commercial Management Talent

  • Are you looking for a proven sales or commercial leader?
  • We've built a network of quality sales management people.  
  • We understand what a sales leader really need to do, based on our training background.
  • We've worked with thousands of successful sales leaders and managers.
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Are you looking for a senior sales or Commercial leadership opportunity

  • We work with high-growth firms, operating globally.
  • We like to connect with sales leaders who practise modern, data-driven sales management
  • Have you built both a team and sales systems? That combination is the most valued.
  • Are you comfortable with this question: what can a salesperson learn from that they cannot learn on their own?

Modern Sales Leadership

We have a strong background in training sales teams and working with sales leaders and managers. This equips us to attract a high calibre of sales leadership talent and match it to demanding sales and management roles. We are also from the data-driven school of sales management, so we understand the subtle combination of systems, people, management and leadership.

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