The Sales Virtual skills platform is based on content developed by working with over 1 million B2B sellers. It's actionable, i.e. it helps the salesperson to execute approaches that work in live selling situations.

Our selling philosophy is based on creating buyer success, and this is embedded right though our buyer engagement approach.
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Same Day. Same Week Impacts

  • Secure more first conversations and meetings.
  • Build more new opportunities in days and weeks.
  • Deliver a buyer experience that reduces sales cycles significantly.
  • Develop a culture of self-correcting salespeople.
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Salespeople Learn by Solving Today's Problems.

  • Select a priority sales execution area to work on that will make a difference today, this week and this month.
  • We train and coach in short live-virtual sprints (an idea borrowed from the software development world).
  • Each training sprint requires an actionable output.
  • Each seller has a skills path on our sales learning platform, so they study content in their own time.

Plentiful Talent. Scarce Skills

We've worked with over 1 million B2B sellers. There is plentiful talent in sales, but a huge scarcity of people with the critical skills needed to deliver predictable revenue and deliver the required buyer experience.

Sales Virtual makes skills acquisition accessible within a common language framework; skills acquired without a framework are meaningless.