Upskilling Sprints

An upskilling or training sprint tackles a specific selling skill and outcome over a defined period. A sprint has a start and an end date in terms of the required learning, training and coaching interaction and producing an output and / or outcome. Sprints in high-demand include:

- Using pipeline stages accurately.
- Producing an accurate commit forecast.
- How to inspect and strategize a live deal.
- Re-strategizing stalled deals.
- Building a qualified target list.
- Developing a repeatable outbound outreach approach.
- Handling the first prospect conversation.
- Executing discovery.
- Building a Close (or Mutual Action) plan.

Notice that the sprints deal with live, real-world issues, not general "sales training" headings. Sprints are critical pieces of learning and planning that affect short term outcomes.

Skills Paths

Sprints are linked to current Revenue needs

  • A sprint is always linked to revenue generation in the shorter term.
  • Sprint Example #1: How to map contacts in a large multinational for prospecting.
  • Sprint Example #2: How to accurately inspect a deal or opportunity.
  • Sprint Example #3 : Preparing for online meetings.
skill paths & Tracks

A Sprint is supported by On-demand Platform Content

  • An upskilling sprint come from a track within a skills path.
  • The Path / Track / Sprint is available on demand on the Sales Virtual platform.
  • Each sprint is in turn supported by a module.
  • A Module can be: Video | Audio | Reading | Exercise | Tool | Link to External Content

Modern Skills Platform

Live-Virtual training is one part of our service.

Each seller also gets access to an on-demand including mobile, learning platform with pre-loaded content. This gives SMB teams a modern sales enablement platform to build out skills and team engagement over time.

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