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Virtual Selling (E-Learning)

Virtual Selling is the most important new skill in the past 30 years. Learn how to master Messaging and Conversation Management in the Virtual World

The Challenge:
Selling is a virtual context means a lot more than mastering a platform like Zoom or Teams, important as that is. Once sales conversations go online the rules of the sales game change dramatically and not in the seller’s favour.

The Opportunity:
Virtual-based selling can be turned into a powerful new driver of pipeline-building, customer acquisition and account growth. And it’s all about managing the messaging and the conversation.  

Delivering & Designing the Virtual Sales Conversation E-Learning Program
  • Modular self-paced, e-learning program
  • Follow a clear, proven methodology proven at C-level
  • Real world, worked example
  • Plus, Workbook
  • Administered online (via a simple link)
  • The test is time-limited so candidates cannot game the test
  • The reports are short and concise. They can be interpreted by an in-house manager or a consultant is also available to assist.
  • Promote a Common Language for Pipeline Management
  • Produce Accurate Sales Forecasts
  • Improve the Conversation between the Salesperson and the Manager
  • Create & Capture More Quality Opportunities & Reduce Sales Cycles.
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