How Great Sales Leaders Make Things Happen (Book 2021)

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Learn how great sales leaders and managers focus on high-impact systems, coaching and hiring practices to create a high-performance sales culture that is customer and market-centered. This is modern, practical, high-energy, professional sales management that grows and scales companies, globally.

€ 25.00 EUR

Virtual Selling is the most important new skill in the past 30 years. Learn how to master Messaging and Conversation Management in the Virtual World

The Challenge

Selling is a virtual context means a lot more than mastering a platform like Zoom or Teams, important as that is. Once sales conversations go online the rules of the sales game change dramatically and not in the seller’s favour.

The Opportunity

Virtual-based selling can be turned into a powerful new driver of pipeline-building, customer acquisition and account growth. And it’s all about managing the messaging and the conversation.

Practical Next Step-based Training that Works

  • Modular self-paced, e-learning program
  • Follow a clear, proven methodology proven at C-level
  • Real world, worked example
  • Plus, Workbook
€ 25.00 EUR