Our Approach

Our Vision

Our vision is that your sales team becomes your company’s strongest and most flexible competitive asset, capable of adapting to any set of circumstances.

Most products and services in a category today are not that different. Buyers are making decisions based on the buying experience and the contribution of the sales channel. That's why sellers and customer-facing people are the key to customer success and revenue growth.

The high ground of sales performance is when the buyer decides to change because they feel confident that with your salesperson they are making a sound decision.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make it easy for sales leaders to equip their sellers with the content and tools to be successful and to share, promote and collaborate on best practices.

We have always focused on things that work, the best practices that can be implemented today or this week. It's why our programs are short and we always work with the live sales pipeline and current deals and prospects.

And tools are getting more important. It's why we chose to work with the quality SalesHood platform and team. They understand what collaborative sales enablement looks like and what it takes to deliver measurable revenue impacts for customers.

Our vision at Sales Virtual is that any B2B salesperson can have access to the tools and content that will help them to be successful. We do this in 3 ways:

  • A sales enablement platform that makes it easy to deliver customized content and team-wide learning of best practices.
  • Best-practice content that is bite-sized and can be applied to live, current selling challenges and situations. We call this in the flow of work learning.
  • We provide live (virtual) facilitated coaching. In fact, everything we do is from the coaching, rather than the training school.

Your team or any individual salesperson can start their skills development journey today, by signing up free for quality content, delivered weekly.