Training Content for B2B Sales Teams

Measurement & Forecasting

How do you build a sales pipeline based on buyer intent?
How do you get a – really - accurate sales forecast?
How do we estimate the right activity and routine?

Sweet Spot & Ideal Customer Profile

How can we build an Ideal Customer Profile?
What are your “red flags” for non-fit customers?
What’s an effective framework for researching prospects?

Your Master Story & Messages

Learn a framework for building your company story.
Learn how to create messages per channel and stakeholder.
Practise your story or narrative.

Outbound Prospecting

What content do you need for outbound?
How do you set up an “Outbound Cadence”?
How can you use asynchronous content for the self-led buyer?

The First Conversation

What’s on the checklist for a first (short) conversation?
How will you deal with early pushback?
What are the “so what” questions you need to plan for?

The Path to Power

Map the influence and power of your stakeholders.
How do you “qualify for power”?

Discovery & Question Tracks

What does a discovery framework look like?
What are the questions that buyers really find useful?
How can we use a structured, note-taking system?

Creating Quality Dialogue

What is “quality dialogue” and how can you plan to deliver it?
How can you use “teaching” to deliver value to a prospect?
What’s the key sign that your conversation is valuable?

Handling the Hard Issues

What are the hard commitments you need from buyers?
What are the hard questions you’ll need to ask?
How do you “control the process”?

Getting To Closed

Why “Outlines” and not proposals advance a sale faster.
How do you use a Mutual Action Plan to collapse sales cycles?

Deal Review & Qualification

What are the big red flags that tell a deal is stalled or dead?
ow can we re-start deals?

Tools & Resources

What are the planning templates that really matter?
What references should you be reading for your own development?

Each Seller has a Skills Path

Keith's Pipeline Path: Pipeline Stages | Deal Qualification | Accurate Forecasting