Co-Sourcing: A Better way to source Junior-Mid Sales Roles

Ideal for HR Departments That don't have the Time to do Detailed Candidate Sourcing.

build a wider and deeper pool of qualified sales candidates

The hardest but most critical part of sales recruitment is the sourcing - finding and attracting - a pool of candidates to select from. When you get this right, everything else works better, including screening.

Jobs boards and adverts seldom produce the level of candidate required for most sales roles, especially those involving outbound and market creation. And, agencies openly admit that sales roles rank as the least attractive to work on. Having worked in specialist sales recruitment for many years, we knew there had to be a better way for companies to find a better level of sales candidate AND at a reasonable and fair cost. We call it co-sourcing.

How Co-Sourcing Works

What We Do: Co-sourcing means that we work with your HR people to jointly fill roles, except we specifically focus on the SOURCING piece ALONE, i.e. building the outreach list, doing the outreach and attracting the applications and expressions of interest. This is the hardest and most risky part of recruiting; get this right, and screening and selection is a lot easier. At worst you then have better "good" problems.

What You Do: You - typically the HR department - take over once we share details of the candidates with you. You manage the logistics, scheduling and the personal screening.

Why is this a Better Way to Recruit?: All our focus, expertise and energy goes into generating - sourcing and attracting - a pool of quality candidates, and not on logistics and scheduling.

What's the Fee?: We charge Euro3,000-Eur5,000 for the service. This includes Eur500 for outreach credits, a 3rd party cost. If a placement is not made for the first role, the credits portion can roll over to a second similar, role. The full fee is due in advance. This is not a contingency recruitment service, which is something we don't believe in, because it's a lose-lose model, which is especially unsuited to sales recruitment.

Who do we Reach Out to?

We reach out to mainly passive candidates, i.e. candidates who fit your profile, but who are not necessarily in the open market. This is a much higher level of candidate than those who typically respond to adverts. And the level of outreach effort is of "executive search" rather than "recruitment" strength; we are not picking "easy" CVs out of a list and hoping one of the candidates will "make it through".

What will your Receive? 3 types of Candidate Application

Type #1: We will send you the LinkedIn profile of candidates who have responded with a question or are seeking more information. They are not at the stage where they are willing to share an email address nor a telephone number. These are frequently the strongest candidates.
Type #2: Candidates who have shared an email address and / or a telephone number. They are willing too either engage by phone or receive more information via email and / or do an initial virtual meeting.
Type #3: Candidates who make a full application, i.e. supply their latest CV and full contact details.

What's Our Background ?

Our origins are in the sales training and consulting business and over the past 5 years, we have sourced tens of thousands of candidates for roles. We are experts at framing the outreach plan for a role, and in particular, attracting the attention of the higher level candidates. Our content is widely read and consumed, including our Sales School and free online content platform.