We help b2B companies to generate more revenue through building seller skills and best-practice pipeline management.

every seller can now have access to modern sales enablement 24/7, anywhere

Equipping your sales team to survive and succeed today requires continuous enablement of your sales team. Only large companies would have had the resources to do this well. Small and medium companies can now do the same with a world-class enablement platform that has these essential elements:

- Built-in Micro-learning paths.
- Proven quality selling content.
- Training & Coaching.
- Certification & Badging

We have worked with over 10,000 companies worldwide, so we have the know-how your team needs.


Sales Pipeline Management that is Revenue generating

We've helped over 10,000 firms to install worldclass sales pipeline practices using the Board system. It isolates dead and stalled deals and gives the manager a coaching framework for raising the bar in terms of building pipeline and deal management.

The Board tool is now available on the Salesforce.com Lightning platform.


New Pipeline Tool for Salesforce.com Users

You can now install the powerful Board Tool directly into Salesforce.com.

  • Visualize the sales pipeline workflow.
  • Isolate dead and stalled deals.
  • Coach sellers to manage early-stage deals, secure buyer commitments and follow buyer outcomes.