We Help SMBs To Build And Equip A Commercial Sales Team

Recruit. Train. Enable. In a Single Service.

SMBs require a high standard of commercial sales team that thinks and acts more like the owner of the business. We offer a suite of services to help you attract and equip such a team.

1 Onboard and train the team year-round, using our platform. Here.
2 Recruit year-round using our jobs board. Here.
3 Use our LeadMaker service to equip the team with nurtured leads. Here.
4 Attract quality sales leadership using our sourcing service. Here.


Post Your Open Sales Roles

We are currently advertising B2B sales roles for free on our jobs board. Send us the details of any current sales role you have open to clientservices@salesvirtual.com or post if directly here.

Post Your sales role free

Sales Virtual Platform For Small Teams

We're You can now execute a team-wide sales playbook by implementing a modern sales enablement platform, designed for the needs of SMBs.

  • Small and medium teams can now install a modern sales enablement platform, complete with content.
  • Using sales sprints, sellers can prepare to execute step of the sales process so that buyers want to move forward, in a timeline.
  • Seller can upskill themselves using a customized sales playbook.


SalesHood Enablement Platform

We're an EMEA partner of SalesHood, the leading quality sales platform, built by people who invented sales enablement.

- Train and certify your sales team to a world-class standard in your company playbook.
- Capture and socialize company know-how so that it becomes a a source of customer improvement and business growth.
- Equip your partners, including globally, with your prescribed playbook, tools and content.