More than ever, Your Sales Growth depends on People and their skills

1 Attracting Quality Talent
2 Building Coaching Capability
3 Prospecting Effectively

The right talent, working in a coaching-supported environment, equipped to prospect effectively, is the foundation of customer and revenue growth.  We've worked with over 10,000 firms and 1 million B2B sellers worldwide and have developed the know-how, systems and tools to help your business in all 3 areas. We will deliver immediate value.


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The big change taking place in the B2B sales profession today is that every salesperson has had the performance bar raised for them by buyers and their employer. We are in the age of the professionally trained and well-equipped B2B seller: a "natural" sales personality is not enough to succeed in a sales role today.

We are also in the business of sales recruitment, so we get to see the gaps that exist in terms of modern sales skills and capabilities. For example, there is an acute shortage of people who know how to build self-generated pipeline. In the past, if you could make a phone call, you could build some pipeline. Today, a business developer needs to have several high-level prospecting skills and the right tools, including content. What we call "selling" has become more complicated (harder) and more complex (a lot more moving parts).

We have trained over 1 million B2B sellers worldwide and we are making our frameworks and content available free to any company or individual B2B seller. You can sign onto our learning platform here and be up and running instantly.

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Our Background  

Sales Virtual Comes from 3 Decades of Working with B2B Sales Teams
Worldwide with the Emphasis on Business Development Versus "Selling".

  • Sales Virtual grew out of the DEI Group (NYC), a pioneer of systematic selling processes.
  • The founder is Michael McGowan. Complimentary Chapter from latest book.
  • Our content for sellers is practical with same-day, same-week impacts.