Equip your sales team to equip themselves.
Use modern enablement.

Today your product and service are just table stakes to compete and survive. Your difference and edge comes from the competence, know-how and performance of your employees. It's why progressive companies have moved beyond learning and training; they are enabling every employee to be effective.

Enablement builds individual competence and company-wide alignment around your story. It gives managers a framework and the tools to coach and lift performance, not least in remote settings. It certifies buyer and customer experience delivery. And it protects the fiscal health of your company.

We are an EMEA partner for the quality SalesHood enablement platform, which now includes SkillsHood, the company-wide enablement solution.


Each Seller has a Skills Path

Keith's Pipeline Path: Pipeline Stages | Deal Qualification | Accurate Forecasting






Make Your Sales Team the Industry Benchmark


We have a rich background enabling sales teams. Our clients are now deploying the SalesHood platform to certify the competencies that makes each of their salespeople valuable to buyers, the company and colleagues.

- Certify every seller in a prescribed sales playbook.
- Correlate adoption with forecast and performance.

Company-wide Enablement


SkillsHood is the enablement platform for your entire workforce.

- Certify individual competencies.
- Support peer learning and active content creation.
- Correlate engagement with performance.

Certify Competence


Buyers select the vendors and partners that will be the best at helping them to be better. The modern buyer wants vendors, sellers and customer-facing staff to make sense of their options and help them make better decisions. It's why certification has become the foundation of a a high performing workforce.

- Badging & Gamification.
- Adoption & Completion Tracking.

Socialize Company Know-how


You are sitting on gold. It's called company know-how, but it's hidden inside the heads of individual employees. An enablement platform means you can capture and socialize that know-how. For example, the sales knowledge of an entrepreneurial CEO is hugely valuable to salespeople, but most companies have no way of transferring the knowledge.

- Capture customized content from frontline employees.
- Create alignment around powerful ideas, stories and language.

Enable partners

Become your channel partner's best resource by enabling them to sell and service your customers just like your own customer-facing teams. and always up to date on your latest offerings with a branded and secure PartnerHood. We help companies make it happen efficiently and securely.


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