For Sellers: On-demand Platform for Developing Your Frontline Sales Skills

Sales Skills Platform for SMBs

We’ve made it possible for every B2B seller in a Small & Medium Business (SMB) to get access to enterprise-grade content for developing their sales skills and thinking. It’s on-demand, 24/7 and available to all your sellers, anywhere.


    For Managers: The tools to Keep your company's sales pipeline clean & forecasts Accurate.

    The Board Tool

    The pipeline and coaching tool that eliminates stalled deals and inaccurate forecasts. Available now for users.

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      Mid-Enterprise Enablement Platform

      We partner with SalesHood, the leading innovator in Sales Enablement Platforms and Content. No other platform is designed to raise the bar as high across the sales organization.

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      Selling For Buyer Success Program

      • Build a culture of "next step" buyer-centred selling.
      • Introduce "make sense" selling that gives buyers the confidence to work with you.
      • Build reliable sales pipelines and accurate sales forecasting.
      • Reduce sales cycles that are needlessly long.
      • Everybody on the team using planned conversations.
      • Everyone saying the same thing in their own words.
      • Turn Selling into an Impactful Buyer Experience.
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      New Sales Hire Onboarding Program

      • Ramp new sales hires in weeks, not months.  
      • World-class training, content and coaching.  
      • Plus leading enablement technology platform, SalesHood.  
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      The Frontline Manager's Coaching Playbook

      • Promote high-impact buyer centred selling.
      • Introduce light coaching "sprints".
      • Teach each seller to follow the "make sense" buying model.
      • Every seller saying the same thing in their own words.
      • Raise the bar for the whole team.

      Progressive sales leaders focus execution on helping customers feel more confident about making buying decisions.

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      Virtual Sales Readiness Audit

      Use our proven audit to identify, fix and improve the sales practices that will have the strongest and fasted impact on prospecting, opportunity creation and length of the sales cycle.

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      Virtual Weekly

      Bite-Sized Training Content Delivered Weekly to the Team.

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      Virtual Selling E-Learning Program

      Designing & Delivering the Virtual Sales Message.
      9 x 30 minutes self-paced program to build high impact sales messaging.

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