A tailored skills path per seller is what delivers results

  • Sales roles have never been more difficult. And many sellers have never had the opportunity to properly develop the required skills.
  • It's time to switch from one-size-fits-all training to each seller having an individually tailored skills plan that tackles today's challenges and support's tomorrow's development.  
  • We've combined a modern learning platform, content developed by working with over 1 million B2B sellers and live-virtual coaching to give each salesperson the sales enablement they actually need, given where their starting point is today.
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    On-demand Sales Onboarding

    You can now onboard your new sales hires in days and weeks and support them to be productive quickly. The program uses a modern learning platform and is preloaded with the critical onboarding tracks: Pipeline & Forecasting| Prospecting | Opportunity Creation & Capture. The new hire follows an initial 4 week onboarding path and then work to milestones over the next 30-60 days with their manager. A full onboarding playbook is provided with tools that can be customized for the business. We've onboarded tens of thousands of B2B salespeople, so the content is from the frontlines of modern selling.

    - You can start the onboarding with pre-boarding, before the new seller even starts.
    - Create alignment around a common language, revenue goals, culture and messaging.
    - Benefit from tools, ideas and approaches that work in the modern buyer-driven world.


    SalesHood Enablement Platform for Mid-Enterprise

    The SalesHood sales enablement platform is designed to empower your team to lift their performance through learning, coaching and collaboration. It puts the focus on key outcomes and raises the performance bar across the team. While there are many enablement platforms today, most are technology-inspired rather than helping sellers to develop the subtle performance skills that attract a buyer's respect and lead to increases in revenue.

    The video walks you through how a modern, professional sales leader with high standards approaches seller support, development and coaching without having to fall back on traditional training that most reps don't warm to anyway. It's a combination the right intent delivering the right impact for sellers and buyers.


    solve the big Issues Using The Board tool in salesforce

    The Board tool is a compelling way to manage the sales pipeline using a buyer location approach. Thousands of companies have used it to build global sales teams that follow mature and realistic - ideal - pipeline and forecasting practices. There is no need for complex data analysis: each salesperson develops a deep understanding of where the buyer is located rather than trying to follow a sales-inspired process.

    Using The Board tool - now available for Salesforce users - leads to more revenue from fewer deals and leaner pipelines. It helps sellers to devise ways to reduce sales cycles, identify pipeline and deal risks early and eliminate those nasty end-of-period forecast "surprises".


    Virtual Live Training Programs

    The Selling for Buyer Success program covers the complete range of B2B sales skills and tools. It's available through live-virtual training and you get full access to the online platform for year-round learning and reinforcement. The key training paths are:
    - Pipeline & Forecast Management.
    - Prospecting & Qualification.
    - Discovery & Information Gathering (Opportunity Creation).
    - Opportunity Capture & Close Plans.
    - Account Growth & Expansion.

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