We help SMBs build the sales team Needed to Continually create and wins Opportunities.

We help SMBs build the knowledge and skills that their sales team needs to create and win opportunities.

We then help the sales team to learn and apply the knowledge and skills.

And if you haven't already a sales leader in place, we'll prepare the ground for this crucial hire and help you find the best talent.


Each Seller has a Skills Path

Keith's Pipeline Path: Pipeline Stages | Deal Qualification | Accurate Forecasting






We'll help Put a sales management framework in place


Sales growth happens predictably when you set monthly objectives that are supported by measurable weekly and daily tasks and results. Until an SMB gets this right, sales growth will be unpredictable and patchy, no matter who you hire.

We'll Build the 4 Main Sales Playbooks for you


You have a key agreement with your salespeople: you provide the knowledge and skills support and they commit to learning and applying that - daily. That means building these 4 sales playbooks:

1 Pipeline & Forecasting Playbook
2 Prospecting Playbook
3 Conversation & Deal Management Playbook
4 Customer Development Playbook

We Use Workshops & Sprints to engage the Team


General sales training doesn't deliver on the metrics you need. We use short workshops that support specific short-term sales objectives such as daily and weekly lead generation or pipeline conversion. Typically, you'll 4 - 6 workshop or "sprints" per year.

Well help you Hire & Onboard Professional Sales Management


The traditional sales manager was often more a cheerleader who was liked but not valued by the sale steam. Modern sales managers do two things that supports daily sales performance: architect and activate. They build a complete sales system with the right content, training and tools. They then implement specific sales sprints that deliver the metrics and numbers that matter.

Have you developed the sales playbook needed to grow revenue?

Gone are the days when an SMB can depend on stumbling across that special sales personality who will figure out how to grow revenue. The modern approach is to build the customized sales playbook that is designed to build pipeline and guarantee revenue production. You can use the Platform to get access to the quality content and tools needed to build a quality sales playbook.


Are you the CEO of an SMB?

SMBs are often dependent on the performance of a handful of commercial salespeople who can take ownership of difficult and risky sales work. The modern CEO therefore puts a strong sales architecture in place so that the salespeople are equipped to succeed. Talk to us about auditing your current sales process and developing a modern revenue generation architecture.


Are You a Sales Leader in an SMB?

We work well with sales leaders who recognize a universal principle: most people in sales will not succeed in their role on their own or at least, not in the timeframe needed. They need the support of a sales leader who provides the prescribed playbooks for success.


Are You an Investor with a company portfolio?

Gone are the day when the killer sales personality can be plucked from a network and installed to make the companies you have invested in successful. Progressive investors promote the development of a strong sales function in their portfolio companies using modern enablement and logical, structured approaches to customer acquisition.


Are You in Charge of Marketing in an SMB?

If you are in charge of Marketing in an SMB, you may have found that "sales" is not using content and messaging as you intended. Use the Sales Virtual platform to ensure sales and marketing are on the same page and executing to an agreed standard.

Our experience is that Marketing cannot truly have the impact needed unless there is a common platform for collaborating with sales.


How Great Sales Leaders Make things happen

Learn how great sales leaders and managers focus on high-impact systems, coaching and hiring practices to create a high-performance sales culture that is customer and market-centered. This is modern, practical, high-energy, professional sales management that grows and scales companies, globally.


The Different Sales Manager. Out Autumn 2022.

We are currently writing our third book, the Different Sales Manager. No one role affects the growth of an SMB as much as that of the sales manager and leader. The book gives the modern manager a blueprint for effective sales management that rejects accepted wisdom and myths. Let us know if you want to be notified when it is available.


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