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We help growth firms build sales capability through attracting critical sales and sales leadership talent and delivering sales skills training that generates new business. We also provide a free sales skills learning platform, pre-loaded with modern sales content.

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Critical Sales Talent Search


We help high-growth SMBs to recruit critical B2B sales and sales leadership talent. Role include senior business developers (hunters), international sales and sales and commercial leadership.

Sales Leadership Search


We help growth firms source senior sales and commercial leadership talent, especially for business development and international-level roles. Contact us if you need to make that critical sales manager or leader decision that will fuel the next stage of your growth. And contact us if you are looking for quality commercial opportunities to build a business and a high-performing team.

Summary of the Big Takeaways From:
How Great Sales Leaders Make Things Happen. A Handbook of High-Impact Best Practices


Build More Qualified Sales Opportunities (QSOs)

The biggest frontline challenge B2B sellers today is getting enough conversations with prospects. It's a massive obstacle to sales growth. To fix it, sellers need the skills, tools and system, because modern B2B prospecting is a complex activity. As selling has gone "hybrid", so has prospecting.

We've developed a specific program to train sellers to execute modern and highly effective prospecting, lead generation and appointment-setting. This is training with immediate value.

Same week improvement in The number of scheduled Conversations


We can deploy hybrid channels to train and coach, depending on the context.
Live-Virtual: Usually short-sprint training delivered virtually, with a live trainer.
Classroom: Making a comeback, classroom has its place as a premium training channel.
On-Demand: Our programs can include on-demand, self-paced content.
Platform-Based: Individualized training plans per seller, using a skills platform.

To overcome the problem of "event training", our blended approach means we can support sellers year-round and keep ideas and activity flowing.

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Equip your sales team with modern Best-Practices:
Free Sales Learning Platform.

We have made quality sales content available free on a professional learning system. Please pass the link onto colleagues also. You get instant access to: 

- Prospecting Program
- Onboarding Program

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